A max patch for chopping up quicktime movies into 16 steps and triggering the via Midi.  

Install Max Runtime on your machine.  This is just a little program that lets you run apps made with Max/MSP (kind of like Flash Player is to apps made in Flash).  It’s a quick download/install and should not mess with your machine.  Download it here:

Max 5.0.4 Runtime

Download and unzip the file. 

Open MovieMPC and click the folder button to navigate to the folder your movies are in.  Select the Movie you want to chop and it will start playing automatically.  Click the 'master' box at the bottom to send you movie to the output window. Use the 'esc' key to enter and exit full screen  Scrub through the movie and set loops points using the play and loop bar.  You can change the multiplyers by the decimal point to change the movie position of each midi note.   Double click p movie-recorder to open the recording window.


- Trigger MovieMPC live using your favorite midi controller or hardware sequence.  I use my MPC1000.   

- Send midi to movie MPC from a midi track in your software sequencer like Logic or Ableton to chop it up in time with your projects.  

- Route the audio from MovieMPC back to your audio software using a multichannel hardware interface, or internally using Soundflower to make beats with the audio from your movies!

- Sync your multitrack beats back up with your recorded choped up quicktime movie using a video editor like iMovie. 

Copyright Info:  

 Creative Commons License
MovieMPC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.  Grab the source material of this and previous versions below:

This patch makes use of source code and ideas from Simple Mix (a third party Jitter example patch) by Peter Nyober, and The Video Processing System by Andrew Benson. 



Here are some movies use to play around with this patch: 


Presets presets presets!