Live outboard effects suite using the built in sound card on your mac laptop. 

Install Max Runtime on your machine.  This is just a little program that lets you run apps made with Max/MSP (kind of like Flash Player is to apps made in Flash).  If you're running the latest version of the Dadsampler you're all set.  If not download it here: 

Max 5.0.4 Runtime

Download and unzip the file.  Put the GhostEffects app wherever you want.

Run an RCA (or quarter inch/adapters) to eighth inch cable from the Effects Out on your DJ mixer into the eighth inch input on your computer.  Run another eighth intch to RCA from your computer headphone out back into the return on your mixer.  Make sure you sound input is set to Line In and output set to Built-in Output in your System Preferences.  Set the input volume so that you're getting a good level but not clipping.  Open GhostEffects and click the microphone or speaker icon to enable audio.   You should now see the incoming level in the meter next to the speaker icon.


All the effects send out only a wet signal so it's assumed you're using your DJ mixer to control the amount of dry signal vs. wet signal going to the house. 

Click the box in the upper left of each effects panel to send signal to the effect.  Use the gain controls to send a good level out from the effect (watch meters to avoid clipping).  

Delay - Use tap tempo to set bpm or number dials to adjust delay time.  Use dial to set feedback amount.  

Loop - Set the loop in and out using the large box.  Hit clear to erase the loop.  You'll only hear the loop with the gain up!

Reverb - Use sliders to set parameters. 

VST Plugin - Click load plugin to browse to a VST plugin (they're most likely in Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST).  Click open window to open and edit the parameters of the plugin.  


Copyright Info:   

 Creative Commons License
GhostEffects is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


The tap tempo function of this patch uses Joseph Joseph Branciforte's jb.taptembo patch.  The reverb uses Randy Jones yafr2 Plate Reverb from Max's example patches. 



Works with Dadsampler? 

Yes it does.  You should be able to hear your samples via the effects return channel when it's turned up. 

In the future: 

-Midi control?

-More effects!