Welcome to GhostLabs.  Here's where I keep things I've put together in Max/MSP/Jitter for DJing and some links to other software.

Wiiserato - A crude utility that sends midi notes to Serato (or any software) from the buttons on a Wiimote.  Link it with the the SP-6 sampler for Dadsampler wiimote nostalgia!

The Dadsampler - Amax patch for triggering airhorns or whatever other samples with your keyboard, midi controller, or wiimote.  Made by Ghostdad.  Inspired by Flossy FX.

Ghost Effects - an effects suite using a laptop onboard sound card to process live feed from a DJ mixer.  

Dad Siren - a virtual dub siren with midi control. 




Single channel video switcher/distorter/pixelator 

w/ midi, osc, and wiimote control.   Demo below!

Dadeo test from Ghostdad on Vimeo.

Wiimote links:

OSCulator is a program for wrangling Wiimotes and other controllers into OSC.

aka.wiiremote is a max object that can handle a Wiimote in Max/MSP. 

iPhone links: 

iTouchMidi has some great apps that can send midi to your computer from your iPhone (iTM Matrix works particularly well with the Dadsampler).

mrmr is a great set of customizable tools that can send OSC to your computer.